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Logistics, Storage & Grain Contracting

The first fully integrated Grain Storage, Logistics and Contracting platform

BlockGrain is the first industry wide platform, encouraging the seamless integration between Growers, Brokers and Logistics companies. Improve productivity, control stocks and remove manual paperwork with BlockGrain.



Keep track of every load
Accurately deliver your grain
Record each load delivered
Upload a photo of your delivery dockets
Create more value for your growers


Control all your growers and contracts
Auto update all contracts as your grower delivers
View all your grower stocks, load by load in real time
Manage your logistics operation with ease
Create individual user profiles and add offices

Buyers – (Beta)

Easily search for the grain specs you need
Make an offer on the spot
Buy grain by the silo, View all inloads
Enter new contracts that auto update on delivery
RCTI auto created upon grower delivery


Accurately store and segregate your grain
Precision blending calculations for accurate outload,
Log all loads in and out for accurate record keeping
Complete contracting system, including automatic invoicing
Industry first PayGrain system ensuring payment (beta)

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How BlockGrain Works - With Dallas Jones

Extract maxium value by blending with accuracy

Paddock to Plate Supply Chains

BlockGrain allows growers extract maximum value at harvest, reduce supply chain costs and control all your grain logistics.

Good Grain Management

Increase your margin
Live bin average updates
Saves time and money
Keeps everyone in the loop

Set your Protein Perameters

Easily configure your silo or silo bag’s prior to harvest and BlockGrain willl do the rest, ensuring your grain goes into the right silo’s for maximum return


Log all inloads and outload in your silo’s or silo bags
Accurately blend out of your storage for maximum ROI
Realtime bin average information


Contract Management

Control all your contracts in one place from anywhere
Easily create contracts as a broker or a grower
Auto update all contracts on delivery
Outload against your contracts
Compatible with most major commodities



Search Contact

BlockGrain - Built for absolute simplicity and ease of use


Rewarding clean efficient growers
Receive notifications for crucial interactions
Increase revenue and maximise ROI
Understand your position at any time

Easy to use interface

Compatible with all devices
Auto updates contracts
Mutli user compatible
Intergrates with growers trucks