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Sky Muster Satellite Service

Rural High Speed Internet – Anywhere in Australia!

The new nbn™ Sky Muster™ satellite service is here. Designed to deliver a revolution in satellite broadband, the Sky Muster™ service is intended to be a game changer for the way you work, learn and live in regional and remote Australia. … Read More

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A cost analysis of on farm storage

Background As growers continue to expand their on-farm grain storage, the question of economic viability gains significance. There are many examples of growers investing in on-farm grain storage and paying for it in one or two years because they struck … Read More

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Silicon Valley

Local Agtech startup makes waves in Silicon Valley

A LOCAL academic with a flair for entrepreneurship has taken out the top spot at the international StartupHouse Battlefield competition, once and for all disproving the old saying ‘those who can’t do, teach.’ Bond University assistant professor of entrepreneurship Dr … Read More

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Peter Botta

A silo safety message from the Silo Expert

Grain storage and handling involves some of the most hazardous activities in the grains industry, however experts say these dangers can be avoided by getting the right systems in place. According to the Primary Industries Health and Safety Partnership (PIHSP) … Read More

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Grain Storage Facilities

Grain storage facilities: Planning for Efficiency and Quality

Grain storage systems come in a range of shapes and sizes to meet farm requirements and careful planning is needed to optimise an on-farm grain storage facility investment. According to the option selected, on-farm grain storage systems can provide a … Read More

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Professor Bond

Bond Professor wins StartupHouse Battlefield

Bond University Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship Baden U’Ren has proven he can practice what he preaches, taking out the StartupHouse Battlefield at the iconic co-working space in the heart of Silicon Valley. Dr U’Ren pitched start-up, Ditterich Agriculture, against five … Read More

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Maximize Productivity

How to Maximize Productivity

It pays to Prepare, Plan for profit Increasingly, grain growers are storing grain in the hope of improving the overall price that they receive. Once a grower decides to market their grain they face a whole new ballgame. To ensure success, … Read More

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