The ultimate tool for managing your growers and their grain

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Logistics Integration

-Fully integrated with Logistics Companies
-Fully integrated with grower trucks
-Record all Logistics Movements
-Photograph and store delivery dockets

Create and Manage your Contracts

– Create contracts for you growers
– Contracts auto update as grower delivers
– Contracts directly loaded and updated into both grower and buyers platform
– Broker notes sent to Buyers in PDF and via platform

Multi Site/user Platform

– Add growers and buyers
– Upload your logo
– Add muliple NGR’s (split and single)
– Add seperate offices


– View all your clients silo’s live, load by load
– System auto send RCTI’s on delivery
– Manage your contracts more effectively
– Receive email of delivery dockets as delvieries occur.

Manage Silo, Silo Bags and System Grain

BlockGrain is the first and most advanced storage system on the market. Accurately record every load at harvest time, on your phone or tablet, to ensure maximum efficiency.
-Easily generate Broker Notes and Contracts
-View every silo load by load
-Receive Push Notifications for key interactions
-Auto update contracts on delivery

BlockGrain is the complete system that controls your clients grain from the harvester to the end user.

Search Grower

Multi platform

Smart Phone, Tablet and Desktop Compatible

Push Notifications

Receive auto generated push notifications based on key events in the supply chain

Auto Contract Update

Sit back and watch your contracts auto update as your growers deliver to their customers.

White Label Setup

Simply upload your logo and create personalised broker notes, invoices and contracts

"Long overdue for our cropping enterprise, We are very happy with the platform."
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Alex HillermanSouthern NSW
"BlockGrain adds value to our production, enhance our ROI and makes life easy"
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Gerard ToscinRiverina NSW
"BlockGrain allows me to monitor all our stocks at harvest and control our segregation"
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Trudy RyanNorthern Victoria

Bulk Handler Friendly

BlockGrain works with Silos, Grain Bags and Bulk Handler grain.

Ease of Contracting

Easily create contracts and broker notes and auto send upon completion


Auto receive and send updates to your growers when acting on their behalf

Extract maximum value for your growers

Work with your growers to establish profitable protein segregations for their silos and grain bags