Extract maximum value from your harvest


Logistics Integration

-Fully integrated with Logistics Companies
-Fully integrated with grower trucks
-Record all Logistics Movements
-Photograph and store delivery dockets

Broker Integration

-Full integration with Grower Brokers
-Remove paperwork and stay up to date
-Let your Broker view you stocks
-Receive Auto Notifications from your Broker


Create and Auto Update Contracts

-Auto send RCTI’s on delivery
-Auto update you storage and contracts
-Receive and send contracts
-Photograph delviery dockets

Manage Every Load

-Accurate inload and outload
-Accurately blend and outload against contracts
-Enter your paddock and variety
-Visually see your silo’s running average live

Manage your Silo and Grain Bags

BlockGrain is the first and most advanced storage system on the market. Accurately record every load at harvest time, on your phone or tablet, to ensure maximum efficiency.

-Remove paperwork and excel spread sheets
-View every silo load by load
-Record which truck delivered each load and when
-Record deliveries to the end user as they occur
-Auto updates your contracts and stocks levels
-Silo’s, Silo Bags and Bulk Handler ready

BlockGrain is the complete system that controls your grain from the harvester to the end user.

Silo 1 Load by Load

Industry wide Integration

-Engage all players in the Supply Chain
-Allow your broker to fully control your marketing and sales
-Fully mobile, staff logins and permission levels
-Removes paperwork and saves time

Smart Phone, Tablet and Desktop Compatible

-Works on all smartphone/tablet devices
-Mutiple user can be active at once
-Set your own user permissions
-Push Notifications direct to your phone

"Long overdue for our cropping enterprise, We are very happy with the platform."
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Alex HillermanSouthern NSW
"BlockGrain adds value to our production, enhance our ROI and makes life easy"
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Gerard ToscinRiverina NSW
"BlockGrain allows me to monitor all our stocks at harvest and control our segregation"
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Trudy RyanNorthern Victoria

Silo or Silo bags

BlockGrain is the perfect partner for silo’s and silo bags alike.
Keep up to date records of all your grain.
Maximise your revenue by blending the right grain percentages

What’s my Bin Average?

Simply log into BlockGrain to see a live record of your bin average (protein, moisture, test weight and screenings) as well as what has been delivered & total tonnage. (Works on most commodities)

Accurately Blend on Outload

BlockGrain will give you an accurate estimation of your average protein level when blending your silo’s and bags on outload.

Set your Protein Perameters

Easily configure your silo or silo bag’s prior to harvest and BlockGrain willl do the rest, ensuring your grain goes into the right silo’s for maximum return