Manage and control your grain storage

Combine trend analysis with real time data to automate transactions and get your product to market with greater speed and lower costs at the right time. Visualise your stock volumes and quality to effortlessly blend for optimum profitability. Set your protein parameters, configuring your silo or silo bags, then let BlockGrain’s automated algorithms do the rest, ensuring your stock reaches the right destination for maximum return. Use powerful technology to take control of your product and profitability with BlockGrain.

Integrating your supply chain

Eliminate paperwork and save time by linking with all parties in your supply chain through a single online platform.
Logistics, Storage & Grain Marketing
Broker integration
  • Set up and, review manage your contracts
  • Manage your logistics orders and movements
  • Provide complete and accurate position reporting
  • Receive notifications when information changes
Logistics, Storage & Grain Marketing
Logistics provider integration
  • Utilise instant delivery docket data extraction
  • Record and store delivery dockets in real-time
  • Plan and execute your orders and movements
  • Keeps you up to date through push notifications
Logistics, Storage & Grain Marketing
Bulk handler integration
  • Provide instant receival docket data extraction
  • Record and store receival dockets in real-time
  • Accurately record all stocks at any bulk handler
  • Reconcile any harvest load against bulk handler dockets

Manage your information

Logistics, Storage & Grain Marketing
Designed for multiple devices
  • Works on most smartphones and tablet devices
  • Available for iOS and Android
  • Stay informed through push notifications, alerts and updates
  • Multiple users working simultaneously within your business
Logistics, Storage & Grain Marketing
Instant document scanning
  • Photograph logistics dockets using your smartphone
  • Turn paper documents into online information
  • Reconcile paper and electronic records
  • Simple, accurate and easy to use
Logistics, Storage & Grain Marketing
Online security
  • All data is private and secure
  • Setup your users and manage their access
  • Safely hosted by Amazon Web Services
  • Regular backups for your peace of mind