Streamline your logistics operation

Keep track of all your clients and loads delivered

Add multiple trucks to your profile

Take custody your Clients Grain

-Record all your transactions in one place
-Add value to your customers through a smooth integration
-Providing a seemless link in the commodities supply chain
-Mobile friendly and simple to use
-Receive push notifications when your trucks loads and un loads

Logistics Provider

Receival Docket

-Take a photo of the receiveal docket and instantly forward it to your clients email.

-When you deliver a load of grain for your client, simply update the grade and actual tonnage, on your phone, at which point all relevant details are sent directly to your clients.

Load Delivered
Track your history and ensure you get paid on time with BlockGrain
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Manage your Logistics Business

-Monitor multiple trucks
-Mobile and web ready
-Realtime data

GM History

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