L and K Ryan


“Leeton and Katrina Ryan has been long time supporters of the BlockGrain platform and through it they have been able to increase their ROI on out loading as well as control their logistics operation, which is also an integral part of their operation.

The Ryan family run an impressive operation based in Victoria with a good mix of sheep and wheat across a number of properties. With the help of BlockGrain, Leetons parents Kevin and Trudy have been able to keep a close on both the harvest as it progresses and the post harvest logistics operation.

Leeton and Katrina run a a number of trucks and choose to cart their grain direct to local mills, feedlots and the Port of Melbourne. Thanks to Logistics integration, Leeton has a live up to date record of his stocks, contracts and truck movements. Each time Gilly (The logistics guru) loads or unloads, both Leeton and Kevin receive a push notification to their phone, allowing for forward planning and time tracking.”

B and A Rae


“BlockGrain is very proud to be associate with the Rae Family based out of Southern NSW. Brad and Ash are the next generation to take on the family farm which has expanded from one property to what is now a substantial holding incorporating 3 seperate farming locations.

We caught up with Brad in the middle of sheering at their most Southern Property Yal Yal Station.  With the support of his parent Greg and Sally, Brad has managed to have a substantial impact on the family farm over the last 10 years since finishing his education.

The Rae Family are the ideal candidate for the BlockGrain platform as represent the growing trend of on farm storage, value adding and maintaining control of grain stocks.

Prior to using BlockGrain, Brad and his workers use to control their grain with a number of complicated and often messy spread sheets. With the introduction of GrainMate, Brad had been able to increase value and maximise profits through up to date storage data and accurate blending. “